Ruoho Ruotsi - Tants Doll

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This fourth release by Ruoho Ruotsi is exemplified by rotund bassifications and bubbly, gurgling resonant synth science that point to influences such as early Daft Punk as the Mad Professor. The three remixes that follow feature an exciting cast of new and familiar faces.

San Francisco producer incognitus, KLMN, emerges from the studio with a bristling, brooding, richly layed mix, while veteran producers from Boston, Ben Recht + Mike Uzzi, (also known as Localfields and Smartypants), kick off the B-side with a electric, first rate minimal-tech stormer. Rounding out the EP, the talented Winnipeg production team of Süz + Layborn dishup a stylish, rolling, twitching, buxom mix that was equivocally not late!