Ruoho Ruotsi - Afternoon Delighting

Ruoho Ruotsi presents his fifth 12" with a four-tracker entitled Afternoon Delighting. Drawing conceptual and lyrical inspiration from the "Chanson d'Après-midi" by Charles Baudelaire (and others from the collection Les Fleurs du Mal), each piece ruminates on the myriad shades of grey between the poles of bitter & sweet, friendship & enmity, sacred & profane love.

Showcasing his affection for dub-influenced production and inter-wreathed textural deployments, Ruoho Ruotsi uses these elements as a compositonal base upon he builds and intertwines an assortment of sonic leitmotifs, invoking on one hand the imagery of wistfulness and bygone intimacy and on the other a capricious and whimsical pneuma.

Thanks to Ron for the visual inspiration for the artwork and to Man Pikin for the mad photoshop skills. The high-rez label & jacket artwork is on our flickr page.

Below we've embedded a time-lapse music video that looks at creative process that went into the artwork for this release. It is also linked up our videos page. Enjoy!