Lumineon - Bentos

Lumineon is a new electronic group based in Sevilla formed and lead by DJ Perla, alongside Pascual Rocher & Jesús Mora. After a number of years in San Francisco, with releases on Auralism & de'fchild (Casasviejas - DCP011), Perla has been active in his Sevilla studio as Lumineon, recently releasing a 12" entitled Modular Expansion (2012).

Presenting their first EP on de'fchild, Lumineon showcases breathless Techno classicism, blending wistful square-wavey leads with expertly crafted pulses of bass, dexterous hi-hat arrangements and not-quite balearic keys 

Keeping it real on the remix tip, Brooklyn's Triton (Zero G Sounds) and label bossmang Ruoho Ruotsi, deliver impenetrably deep, intoxicating blends of layered spaciousness that mercifully eschew the familiar palimpsest of credible dubwise Techno ephemera.