Dekalog 1

We are very proud to introduce an original Audio-Visual collaboration between DJ Snobo and visual artist SUE-C entitled "Dekalog 1". This is a truly stunningly original, conceptual music video handmade by SUE-C to a DJ mix of tracks selected & mixed by DJ Snobo exclusively from first 10 vinyl records on de'fchild productions.

"Dekalog 1" is available as limited edition DVD, packaged in individually numbered brown chipboard sleeves, letterpressed @ Logos Graphics, San Francisco and is available from December 30th, 2010 exclusively from our Bandcamp page @

DJ Snobo
The original concept, music selection & DJ mix for this DVD came from DJ Snobo aka Gosh from Yaputhma. Check out his recent post and comments on the project as well as links to a special presentation that he made for his radio show Rasols (in Russian). Follow DJ Snobo @

All video was handmade by SUE-C, a visual and performing artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her works challenge the norms of photography, video, and technology by blending them all into an organic and improvisational live performance setting. Employing a variety of digital tools to create an experimental animation instrument, she synthesizes cinema from photographs, drawings, watercolors, hand-made papers, fabrics and miniature interactive lighting effects. Dark, moody, textural, and physical, her live films inherit equally from the kinetic languages of Stan Brakhage's abstract cinema and Nicolas Schöffer's lumodynamic sculptures. She employs the same techniques in her recorded work to emphasize the beauty of the banal street corner, public parking lot, forgotten winter beach, torn remnant of a found photograph, cast-away super 8 vacation footage, and other half-forgotten, often-unnoticed, in-between spaces in her surroundings.

*Clicky* below for more HD video excerpts (on vimeo) and hi-rez photos of the actual DVD:



If you enjoyed the videos, read on for SUE-C's elaboratation about her process and check out her flickr set of her Live Video setup!

My process is essentially hand animation. I use an uncompressed fire wire camera with c-mount lens that I digitize through Max/MSP/Jitter into a software program I made. The software is written in Max/Jitter and is a real-time compositing machine. There are two video buffers (up to 50 frames) that are composited with the live signal using a frame delay routine - this allows for a lot of play with the artifacts of the compositing operation. I generally multiply the frames together or multiply and then subtract - so I can play in positive and negative color spaces. The software provides a secondary animation due to the delayed compositing. My materials are 100% analog - printed photographs, line drawings, water colors, tracing papers, hand made papers, shiny things, and the occasional motorized object. I generally work within 6 inches of the camera lens. In the case of the defchild DVD I used a turntable as a motorized backdrop and I affixed my materials to the records in various ways - glue, tape, paint, stickers (yes most of them were unplayable at the end). In my mind I am visualizing the music and creating a collective language that the animation space and the sonic space can communicate in. Some of this language is brought from piece to piece and some of it is unique to each piece of music. I like to think of it as erasing people's cluttered visual memory and replacing it with abstract imagery that the brain can freely associate with.