Past Projects

  • Umixx, Inc. - designed and implemented a tempo tracking engine application to allow DJs to sort large databases of music by BPM or other temporal mix-related meta-data.
  • Acoustica, Inc. - For Mixcraft, developed a generic streaming sound engine, custom audio FX and 3rd party FX hosting.
  • Healthyboys, LLC/Realtime Music Solutions - software development of a scheduler, music sequencer redesign, XML showfile persistence scheme and QT based User Interface for version 2.0 of SinfoniaTM Virtual Orchestra (embedded Linux).
  • Nellymoser - implemented a conversion utility for proprietary audio codecs (MacOS 9).

Past Research

  • Riddim : A Rhythm Analysis and Decompostion Tool Based on Independent Subspace Analysis
    Read it as a pdf document (1.5 MB)


    The goal of this thesis was to implement a tool that,given a digital audio input, can extract and represent rhythm and musical time. The purpose of the tool is to help develop better models of rhythm for real-time computer based performance and composition. This analysis tool, Riddim, uses Independent Subspace Analysis (ISA) and a robust onset detection scheme to separate and detect salient rhythmic and timing information from different sonic sources within the input. This information is then represented in a format that can be used by a variety of algorithms that interpret timing information to infer rhythmic and musical structure. A secondary objective of this work is a “proof of concept” as a non-real-time rhythm analysis system based on ISA. This is a necessary step since ultimately it is desirable to incorporate this functionality in a real-time plug-in for live performance and improvisation.