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Zoë Keating on Spotify

Zoë Keating's recent-ish release of her online music sales figures have been making quite a stir, due primarily to how embarrassingly little an artist of her stature has made via Spotify versus iTunes/SoundExchange/Bandcamp. This issue of pittance from streaming services was in the news a year ago (addressed on these pages when ST Holdings pulled al ltheir music from Spotify)

Here is a brief sampling of the most interesting responses to Zoë's frank unveiling of her sales figures but as of late January 2013, the discussion on music-making and online distribution continues chez elle @ http://www.zoekeating.com


This is major news and very promising science for restoring inner ear hair cells damaged because of too many raves, chronically loud headphones or just the normal passage of time. This means potentially very full-fidelity audition later in life!

The results of this study demonstrate the first hair cell regeneration in an adult mammal. The researchers are excited about the outcomes and their future implications in the possible treatment of deafness in humans.

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