Gosh from Yaputhma - Just Kitten (DCP021)

Gosh (aka DJ Snobo) returns on the heels of his DJ mix for Dekalog 1 with a single + an album's worth of deep house and avant techno remixes!

Getting back into music production in 2007 after a fateful hiatus and a shift to DJing, Gosh dived into his DIY tool of choice from a bygone era - the Jeskola Buzz Tracker.

One of these tracks, “Just Kitten” - remixed by old and new friends, is presented here in a form of a Remix Album, featuring the likes of Havantepe (Sublime Porte, Pong Musiq), Selffish (Thinner), Triton (Zero-G Sounds, SKOR), Suspect (Thug, Defcore), Ruoho Ruotsi, The Marx Trukker (Schall, Dreiton), Martinez Gonzalez, Celice Monnette & Enrique Gongora (Kreativa, Miniatura, Louder Music).

The artwork for the release is quite dear to Gosh because it is based on a painting by his mother drawn circa 1970 using watercolour and gouache, making this project literally and musically a family affair.

For more information and sounds, check out our Soundcloud and the official release page.

“Just Kitten” is available as a digital download from August 16th, 2011 on our Bandcamp page @ defchild.bandcamp.com and at online outlets like Juno, iTunes,
Zero-Inch, Dancetracks, Amazon MP3.